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Compliments and Concerns

Please feel free to share your feedback with us.


The Kenneth City Police Department always appreciates the opportunity to receive feedback from our customers. Feedback may come in the form of a Compliment or a Concern. All feedback will be handled in the same professional manner.

Compliments will be forwarded to the employee's supervisor and will also be shared and documented with the employee.

Concerns are always viewed as an opportunity to resolve conflict or reflect upon how we are performing. This information will be evaluated by a supervisor and may also be reviewed with the Chief of Police.

Internal Affairs investigations are ordered by the Chief of Police.

The Internal Affairs Investigator, who is trained in this specific field of investigations, receives, processes, supervises and controls all investigations involving Police Department personnel.

The Internal Affairs Investigator ensures that allegations of misconduct made regarding an employee are thoroughly investigated by gathering all pertinent information in a timely and professional manner.

Please feel free to email or contact us with any of this information.

Kennethcitypolice@Kennethcityfl.org or 727-498-8942

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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