A Safe, Friendly Small Town

Goals and Objectives

Agency set out on a journey to strike a balance between tradition and innovation, examining how we offer police services in response to our customers’ needs.
We have reflected upon our successes and explored our opportunities and as a result we have developed a concise Mission Statement and a set of core values. These will support us in achieving five (5) ambitious goals.
We are confident these goals will encourage and develop our personnel and strengthen our position within our local and law enforcement communities. Together we will sustain our safe, friendly, small town identity.


Goal 1:

 Create a centralized computer-based inventory system for police department documents and assets which are essential to the departmental basic functions. This will improve the efficiency and accuracy of tracking and replacing assets and searching and using crucial information.



 1)      Design and create a searchable electronic format into which these records can be input.

2)      Complete an inventory of what records and equipment currently exist.

3)      Design a tracking system which alerts us to expiring assets, so replacements can be outlined in a new budget cycle.

4)      Staff and volunteers will refresh their Excel and other record management computer skills while committing to more time for data entry.


Goal 2:

Continue our partnership with the citizens of our community, creating a stronger, transparent, trusting relationship by addressing quality of life concerns and providing interactive crime prevention programs.



 1)      Maintain the four current Crime Watch groups we have. Establish three new groups within the interior residential neighborhoods.

2)      Host our first Citizens Police Academy, which will educate the citizens of our community as to what functions we perform, how, and why.

3)      Continue to foster a community policing presence by having an officer deployed on a bicycle at least 100 days.

4)      Continue participating in “Coffee with Cop”, “Walk with a Cop”, “National Night Out” and “Shop with a Cop” programs.

5)      Examine the incorporation of new programs which include bicycling and fishing with police officers.

6)      Take a proactive approach to addressing code violations with citizens to resolve quality of life issues and concerns.


Goal 3:

Develop and implement a Mission Statement and a set of core values which will serve as the foundation in developing a comprehensive group of General Orders and Standard Operating Procedures for all police personnel. These will outline expectations for employees, what functions the agency performs and how we go about completing them. These will be accessible to all personnel.



 1)      Review our list of current policies, assure a policy exists for each function we perform, and review content.

2)      Update content to reflect current laws and best practices.

3)      Arrange this information where it is easily accessible to our users and reads in a clear manner via a web-based site.

4)      Establish the outline of General Orders and Standardized Operating Procedures in a format which is consistent with State Accreditation standards.

5)      Seek input from all police staff to define our core values and Mission Statement.


Goal 4:

Create a well-defined, yet balanced, traffic enforcement program which focuses on those who operate a motor vehicle while under the influence.



 1)      Use social media to educate and bring awareness to these issues.

2)      Organize campaigns which focus on those who are driving while intoxicated. These initiatives will involve other law enforcement partners.

3)      Train two sworn officers in the detection, investigation, and apprehension of those who are driving while intoxicated.


Goal 5:

Incorporate volunteers from the community into our department who will embrace and support our law enforcement mission, while offering a cost savings to the Town.



 1)      Identify what tasks can be completed by civilian volunteers.

2)      Enhance the design of the Police Department’s web site and social media pages to assist in recruiting volunteers.

3)      Provide the necessary supervision to assign and oversee tasks which volunteers will carry out.

4)      Assure the necessary recognition of volunteers for their service is expressed.

5)      Assure hours volunteered, per member, are documented.

6)      Design and implement the necessary training and uniform which supports the volunteer’s role in the Department.


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