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Volunteers in Policing












The Kenneth City Police Department has incorporated a volunteer partnership with civic-minded citizens who are willing to volunteer their time to improve the quality of life in their community.

We have a Volunteer Coordinator who accepts applications, reviews, organizes and deploys our volunteers into the role which is right for them.

Police Volunteers are deployed in two roles: Administrative and Operations.

Administrative Volunteers assist with many administrative related tasks, such as filing, copying, supply distribution, shredding, training of other volunteers, and overall, working in a variety of office-type settings.

Operations Volunteers provide assistance with the receiving and delivering of goods which support the Law Enforcement mission. Volunteers operate town vehicles assisting the public, checking for safety hazards, reporting suspicious vehicles or persons, reporting road obstructions, working special events (concerts), school and traffic direction.

If you are interested in being part of our Volunteer TEAM please contact the Kenneth City Police Department at 727-498-8942 and request an application.  You may also click on the link to the PDF below and fill out your application.  Thank you for your interest!



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