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Detective Edward Tucker

Detective E. Tucker
Detective E. Tucker


Over a month ago I asked each member of our department to submit to me the name of a person who they thought earned the title of Officer of the Year, as well as a sampling as to why. I received many responses.  

 There was one name that continued to surface in the submissions. The common characteristics that were echoed as to why where: reliable, professional, approachable, helpful, dedicated, loyal, driven, successful. I could not agree more.

 That name was Detective Edward Tucker.

 Detective Tucker is deserving for many reasons. He has earned the respect of his colleagues, for whom he goes above and beyond, serves as a resource of information, a mentor, and provides valuable feedback and direction.

 He contributes to the department in any capacity, he continues to assure our needs our met and is always willing to adjust his work schedule and to make himself available, whether it be to follow up on a complex criminal investigation, work the street, or to support his fellow officers in their assignments. But, perhaps best of all, is what he brings to the community. He brings a level of professionalism and calmness to Kenneth City from which we all benefit. He trains at the local and state level to assuring he stays up to date with the latest techniques necessary in solving complex investigations and presenting the best cases for prosecution

 Eddie is originally from Buffalo New York. He has 11 .5 years of law enforcement experience and his hobbies consist of restoring old cars.

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